How does the simulation dinosaur paradise seize the market?

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一、How does the simulation dinosaur paradise quickly occupy the market opportunity?
In the third and fourth tier cities where there is no simulated dinosaur park project, as long as the urban population is more than 200000, there are huge market opportunities. At the same time, developers should also deal with market competition and threats to prevent being surpassed.
(1)Scale control: each park should determine the investment scale according to the local market demand. Blind investment will cause waste of project funds. According to the consumption power of the general third and fourth tier cities, it is advisable to control the total investment of the new simulation dinosaur park within 10 million yuan, and the park area within 100 mu, with corresponding supporting facilities.
(2) equipment cost: in the third and fourth tier cities, it is not recommended to buy expensive imported simulation dinosaurs, which will greatly increase the cost and affect the payback period of investment. The suggestion is to choose domestic simulation dinosaurs with high cost performance.
simulated dinosaur park
(3) ticket price: the main consumption of dinosaur paradise is that parents meet the needs of their children, and it is also a high turnover consumer group. Three of these consumers account for the majority. Therefore, the consumption of a family of three is generally controlled within 200 yuan, which can be accepted by most tourists, and the adult ticket price is between 30-60 yuan.
(4) story telling: this type of simulation dinosaur paradise theme story can occupy the commanding height of regional culture. Cultural elements are selected from popular science knowledge to tell a theme story with great interest and ups and downs, so that tourists can experience the scene of the story in the process of playing, and increase the return rate through story packaging.
 simulation dinosaur
二、How to face the fierce competition in operating the simulation dinosaur paradise?
Now, it's almost impossible for a single big business. So is the simulation dinosaur park. If there is a park already open in the city, do you want to continue to join the competition or find another project? The results can be obtained from the following observations.
1. Carefully investigate the opened Park, analyze its success and shortcomings, and analyze the scale, equipment, operation and marketing level by level.
2. Investigate the consumption level of the urban area, preliminarily estimate the market share of the park, and see if it can support the simultaneous operation of multiple parks.
3. Combined with the competition analysis and market research, determine the competitive advantage of the simulation Dinosaur Park invested by yourself, find one or two highlights to achieve the ultimate, and you can open a way out in the fierce market competition.

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