How We Design the Dinosaur Theme Park

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-10-29 | Views | Share:

Many investors and governments spend much energy on designing a special and perfect theme park there, and the following suggestions are related to the design.

dinosaur park Concept design

Firstly, adaption to local condition. Which means design the park according to the land based its terrain. For example, if the terrain is ups and downs, we have to arrange different dinosaur with different dimension at different location, and if there’s river or pool, some special dinosaurs should be designed for them. Secondly, to create mystery. Which means design some interesting mystery for tourists, especially the land is flat, you’d better design some obstacles to make your tourists stay longer, then your avocation(souvenir, toys, drinks etc.) can be sold ideally. Thirdly, obviously attractions. For example, a huge attractive gate, which make people want to visit your park once glimpsing at the gate.

This is our park design for our Vietnamese customers. According to the customer's needs, we divide the entire area into three parts, Dragon & Dinosaur Land, Ice World, Animal World. Each part will be decorated with the appropriate product.

animatronic dinosaur design

If you had any idea about the design of theme park, welcome to discuss with us.