Here's An Animatronic Dinosaur Adventure

Author: McCollum | Publish time: 2018-05-07 | Views | Share:
Childhood game, 3D dinosaur adventure, makes a lot of youngsters become a big fan of dinosaurs.  Let me introduce this game first: It's 65 million years worth of fun and learning with a great knowledge of velociraptor stegosaurus the mighty T-Rex. Those creatures your child has been fascinated with since the beginning of time. Children can know science while having fun.
You may think, why this will be related to Kanosaur? Here I can provide you with an answer. Because we bring dinosaur alive, with a lot of interactive dinosaur kinds. You can experience a real connection with dinosaurs, we can provide dinosaur costume for you. You can be the performer, chasing visitors, bring what you played in the game into real world; dinosaurs can also be cute, for example, they can form a band and play music, they can turn into arm wrestler with you and also become a dinosaur vending machine. 

arm-wrestling with dinosaurdinosaur stamper

dinosaur banddinosaur costume