Gentleman Penguin

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Penguin (Spheniscidae): Penguins, one kind of stuffed animals, known as the "boat of the sea", are the oldest poultry. They are likely to settle in the Antarctic before the earth wears ice. There are 18 species of penguins in the world, most of which are distributed in the southern hemisphere.
Gentleman Penguin
Although the Antarctic is very cold, after millions years passed, the feathers of penguins’ whole body have become overlapping and closely connected scales. This special feather coat is sea-water-proof, even in the temperature is below a hundred degrees Celsius, it is also very difficult to break the aganist line of insulation.
Penguins can live and breed in the cold of -60 ℃. On the land, it is like a western gentleman wearing a tuxedo, walking up the road, shaking it, encountering danger, falling and climbing, and being embarrassed. But in the water, the short wings of the penguin became a powerful "paddle" with a speed of 25-30 kilometers per hour.

Animatronic penguin, are ofen used for different displays, and especially very attractive for kids.
Usually they are in groups because they penguins are group creature.
We will use man-made fur for them, which is more durable than real hair and easy to add different colors.