Gaint Man-made Dinosaur Suit

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If you are a dinosaur lover ,you must get familiar to realistic dinosaur suit now. But did you had seen a 8m long giant dinosaur suit? Today ,I will introduce you the giant dinosaur suit we made.
To be honest , we are not the first one to make giant dinosaur suit. The first giant dinosaur suit showed on a dinosaur show named dinosaur alive in Japan. They made a 8m length dinosaur costume and applied it in their stage show. The suit they made is so realistic and I think it’s a art work. Unfortunately , they did not sell any of them to customer.

realistic dinosaur costume

The Giant dinosaur suit made by KANOSAUR

2016, we got a custom order from an America customer who want a giant dinosaur suit like Dinosaur Alive. It is the first time for us making such a huge dinosaur costume. To be frankly , it is not easy for us. But we still want to provide the customer a perfect final work.

Diffculty to make a giant dinosaur suit

1.Height. Back height of a 8m length dinosaur suit is about 3.5m , but the operator is 1.7-1.8m. We have to let the operator wear a 60cm stilts so he can put on the dinosaur suit. With a stilt inside the suit and the operator can still walking with easily is a challenge for us.
2.Weight. A normal dinosaur costume is about 20kg, but the giant suit is double size. So the weight might be 40kg( even heavier) . How can a operator wear a stilt operate it?

How we solve the problems?

First, after test many times . We find a way to make a suitable stilt. With the stilt, operator walks more stable. 
Second, we had used another new material to make the dinosaur skin and improving the costume frame. The weight of the giant dinosaur suit is about the same with a normal one.

Here are video of the giant dinosaur suit:

We are still improving the giant dinosaur costume, please contact us via if you are interested in our works.