Gaint Animatronic T-rex In Animatronic Dinosaur Show

Author: Percy | Publish time: 2019-04-18 | Views | Share:

Lots of people know the BBC animatronic dinosaur show, which leaves much unforgettable impression to the audience. The giant T-Rex looks quite realistic, and its movements shocks the kids.

animatronic dinosaur show

The BBC is hard to be reproduced due to the complex technology and cost, but now many similar animatronic dinosaur show are created by the dinosaur model suppliers, and these suppliers mainly come from China, Japan and America. And China exported more than 80% of animatronic dinosaurs to all over the world.

One of our clients from Malaysia created a series of animatronic dinosaur show around his city, and he mainly perform the show for Real estate companies, some events, also his own theme park. He writes script to make the show extremely interesting and both adult and kids enjoy the pleasure.