Full-size Animal Statues for Outdoor Garden

Author: Bess | Publish time: 2019-02-20 | Views | Share:

Fiberglass is the most popular and commonly used material for both outdoor and indoor display sculptures because it is sun-proof and water-proof and the color is not easy to fade because of two-time UV-protection treatment.

Life-size animal statue is a big part of our fiberglass products. Following are some introductions: About the full-size horse, here is a love story: There is a lady who bought the horse to commemorate her dead husband because her husband like horses very much. After understanding why she want to buy this, we carved the name of her husband on the horse. The lady is very touched and buy another immediately when she saw the product.

life-size model horses for sale

Life-size cow statue is a decoration inside a kid's center. Our clients find this cow is really cute and shoot the picture while she is walking. Replicate an item which is the same as picture is not a problem for us. Just give us an idea, we will present you an outstanding work.

cow garden statue

What we sell is not only a product, but also our attentively service!