Focus on The Details of Animatronic Dinosaur Model

Author: McCollum | Publish time: 2018-05-21 | Views | Share:
As everyone knows, there are many difference between carnivore and herbivore dinosaur on physical characteristics. So we must exactly to show the details of dinosaur while creating the model.

For example, when we create the model of herbivore dinosaur, firstly we must fabricate the teeth based on the different dinosaur. Normally the herbivore dinosaur had a single row of long, chisel-like teeth, but some herbivore dinosaurs especially those had beak had special teeth. Such as the Ankylosaur had small teeth like leaves, and the Maiasaura had no teeth in its beak, but had teeth on the both sides of mouth, and the sauropod dinosaur usually had spoon-shaped teeth so as to cut off plants...

simulation diplodocus

Besides, we have to focus on the eyes of herbivore dinosaur. Be different from the overbearing eyes of carnivore dinosaur, herbivore dinosaur had gentle eyes. So we must fabricate the unique eyes for them.

We are aimed at bringing the world a brand new “made-in-China”, and we are specialized in cultural industry. Only be focus on each details and insist on our artisan spirit, our goal can be realized.