Fiery Street Art Kaws Statue for Park

Author: Bess | Publish time: 2019-03-15 | Views | Share:

Kaws is really too hot in recent years!! Kaws is a street artist who began to like graffiti on posters and poster papers when he was 12 years old. Its works have been sought after by many young people. Then it began to enter the trend of clothing and music.

kaws statue

In order to better promote the Kaws brand and attract more customers, some shopping malls and specialty stores will choose to find us to custom Kaws statues and put them outside. Although we can't guarantee that our products are consistent with the picture, we will strictly measure the size according to the picture and then make it. We will send you pictures during every production process for you to check and only get your confirmation, we will continue. This is the only way to make sure the final item is exactly the one you need.

kaws yorkshire sculpture park

If you have any needs of turning your logo, trademark to real statues, please contact us!