Feel the Dinosaur Era in the Animatronic Dinosaur Museum

Author: Bess | Publish time: 2019-03-13 | Views | Share:

As we all know, the most important thing in the dinosaur museum is the dinosaur fossils excavated all over the country. But if there were only bare dinosaur fossils in the museum, it would be too monotonous to allow visitors to have a complete understanding of dinosaurs. So, in order to give visitors a deeper understanding of dinosaurs, we will also put some life-size dinosaur models with vivid movements and sound in the museum.

dinosaur museum

Velociraptor lived in the Cretaceous. It's only two meters long, but it's very fast and a ferocious predator. With the release of the Jurassic world 1 and 2, velociraptor quickly became the stars of the dinosaurs, so we restored a life-size velociraptor based on 100% of the image in the movie.

dinosaur prop animatronic t-rex

Let's go and meet the dinosaur star in the museum who can move and scream!