Famous Velociraptor Costume Was Created

Author: admin | Publish time: 2018-07-30 | Views | Share:
velociraptor costume blue

The film ‘The Jurassic World 2’ was widely welcomed all over the world, enough excess people watched the film in June. And ‘Blue’ was loved by lots of dinosaur fans, and lots of us want to own a ‘blue’ pet. In order to satisfy the desire of getting a ‘Blue’, we researched and developed the new advanced velociraptor costume. Which is improved on the skin and final weight(around 18kg), it looks more realistic and give the operator better experience. This new famous dinosaur costume was released before ‘The Jurassic World 2’, and our hotline was exploded. However, we still accept the order of this costume now, if you want to create your unique dinosaur costume, just share your ideas with us.