Explore the Animatronic Dinosaur World in Jurassic Creatures

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Jurassic Creatures is located in Warrnambool, New Zealand , which is a famous dinosaur school.

Yes, what you read is right! It is a school. I classify it as a school after I learn all items of this park: fossil digging,3D jigsaw puzzle, learn how to draw a dinosaur, dinosaur movie area, museum, dinosaur ride

Dinosaur Park Jurassic Creatures in New Zealand

Differ from other park, except for kinds of dinosaur ride, animatronic dinosaurs, this park also set up the zone for fossil digging, 3D jigsaw puzzle and dinosaur drawing. Ingenious arrangement for these zones, people can not only make fun from the dinosaur entertainment equipment, but also learn about the knowledge of dinosaur. By digging and draw by themselves, they learn the structure and character of dinosaur, and information of the extinction of dinosaurs.

drawing dinosaurs

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