Experience A Dinosaur Exhibit in Jurassic Tour

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After we got to know this kind of creature- dinosaur, everyone of us wants to see how the dinosaur look like and is it really scared?

Here you can see how real dinosaurs are and get a amazing adventure.

The main exhibit features life size ultra-realistic animatronic dinosaurs, 50 lifelike dinosaurs in all with the rides and the skeletons. Even you can hear dinosaurs’ roar near your ear.

animatronic triceratops

Learn how dinosaurs lived, what they ate and how they survived on planet Earth.

Learn what Scientists believe resulted in their mass extinction. Jurassic Tour will teach your child about the mystery of the dinosaurs existence thru fun and educational activities.

Also you can experience as paleontologists, you will love this archeological adventure using brushes to discover a covered dinosaur fossil!

Mining dinosaur fossils

Besides you will find much fun in bounce house and dinosaur band, many families take their children to be here feel exciting with dinosaurs they have.

dinosaur ride

The mission of Jurassic tour is to educate children and adults alike about the amazing prehistoric creatures of our planet. They strive to make learning about dinosaurs as fun and interactive as possible. Their team arrives at each new city and has a part to do with everything from creating scenes and decorating each era as it were millions of years ago, to helping put a smile on your child’s face.

So let’s start the ultimate family adventure! Embark on a Jurassic Tour to discover the ferocious creatures that ruled the Earth millions of years ago!