Do You Know What the Dinosaur Name Meaning

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There are a lot of dinosaur names in our world. How many do you know? Yeah, maybe you can say many dinosaur names. Such as Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, ankylosaurus...But do you know how their names come from? In fact, their names come from their feature. Let me tell you.

Tyrannosaurus rex: Rex meaning "king" in Latin. Because they are the latest and greatest species of carnivores dinosaurs, and the most powerful species. They may be the best known carnivores in the world.

Tyrannosaurus rex

Triceratops: Looking at their appearance, we know the source of its name. Because they have three corners on their heads.


Ankylosaurus: Ankylosaurus means "a strong lizard". Because the hard armor behind the ankylosaurus is essentially hardened skin and has a strong defense capability.


Brachiosaurus: Its name is derived from ancient Greek words "βραχιων" (forearm) and "σαυρος" (lizard), because its forelimb is much larger than the hind limbs.


Stegosaurus: The biggest feature in appearance is a full row of triangular bone plates on the back and four spikes on the tail. The bone plate on its back is like a pointed knife. This is the origin of its name.


So different name is suitable for different kinds of dinosaurs.