Disney Develops Stunt Robot Prototyping Machine

Author: Bess | Publish time: 2019-03-27 | Views | Share:

CGI animation is naturally a popular option if there is technology to replace the work of stuntmen in the future. But on top of that, it could be the robots developed by Disney that replace the actors.

TechCrunch recently reported on Disney's new developments in the field of entertainment robots (animatronics). Machine dolls are designed for entertainers in theme parks or other resorts. These dolls are realistic and many of them are still, like mechanical puppet pirates sipping at banquets in the Pirates of the Caribbean theme park or the recently opened Avatar world landscape in the new Pandora planet Naimi puppets.

Disney animatronic puppet

However, a more advanced type of mechanical puppet is driving robot development. Disney's back-floating robot project, Stickman, has been exposed before, and now its engineers are still developing humanoid robots that can perform aerial stunts. With the help of laser-guided technology and the accelerometer and gyroscope inside the robot, these robots can adjust their posture in mid-air to show the perfect superhero's heroic attitude, complete the take-off, flying and landing action.

The Disney official did not say where these stunt robots will be placed in the theme park, but it is not difficult to imagine that they will be dressed as Marvel or Pixar animation characters, flying over the stage as a "stand-in" for human characters in the movie. Or land on the stage in a cool pose.

Disney's assistant research scientist Morgan Pope said that these mechanical puppet robots often fall into the "singular valley" state - an awkward position that looks neither real nor obvious. However, when they jump in the air, people can't see it.