Dinosaur skeleton becomes a new choice for interior decoration,

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Dinosaur skeletons are also called fossils. After the death of dinosaurs, their skeletons are covered by sediment. After tens of millions of years of deposition in oxygen isolated environment, the skeletons are petrified, forming fossils. Not only that, but also some dinosaur eggs have become fossils. The common skeletons on the market are real and simulated dinosaurs.
dinosaur  skeleton

According to news reports, dinosaur skeletons are cool and fashionable, becoming a new choice for interior decoration, and becoming a new favorite of collectors. The skeletons of Allosaurus and Apatosaurus, which are auctioned in Paris this week, are defined as fashionable interior decorations.

In the past, dinosaur skeletons only belonged to scientists, but now as long as through legal auction, we can take a huge mysterious dinosaur skeleton fossil. This makes some Chinese buyers compete with the super rich in Europe and America. However, due to the low survival of dinosaur skeletons, only about five skeletons are auctioned every year around the world.
dinosaur fossil

See here, it seems that the industry of simulation dinosaur production is ushering in the spring. The industry has a high tide of production technology, which can make very lifelike skeletons according to the photos recovered by scientists. At present, the skeleton made by the industry is widely used in many national museums, science exhibitions and some commercial decorations. 

Summary: with the progress of the times, people are constantly pursuing high art. I believe that in the near future, the simulation of dinosaur skeleton can be more and more integrated into people's life and become a part of home decoration.
indoor dinosaur skeleton