Dinosaur Prank Velociraptor Costume

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-06-14 | Views | Share:
realistic raptor costume

Have you even seen those kind of prank videos on Youtube? A dinosaur or many dinosaurs suddenly jump out, in the garage, in the supermarket, in random coners. Those kind of jump scare really can got a lot of innocent visitors.But take a deep look at the suits, are they familiar to you? They are dinosaur costume that we mentioned many times before, those vivid and life-like effect can be reached by any dinosaur suit we produce.

blue velociraptors costume

Let us introduce you the latest and the most vivid suit handcraft we now bring forth. With this new handcraft we developed, the suit will be much lighter, bringing less burden to the performer; the details on the skin, bringing deeper texture to the suit...Do you want to be the next prank celebrity on Youtube? Check on our dinosaur suit!