Dinosaur Fossil Replicas

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Dinosaur is an attractive thing for all of us. We can see and imagine their body from their fossil. One of the most fantastic parts of the dinosaur fossil is their skull.As we can see there are some holes of dinosaur skull, what are their functions?

dinosaur fossil

Look at this picture, fundamental early splits in amniote evolution are documented in their temporal fenestrae - openings behind the orbit that probably function in reducing the weight of the skull and in conserving calcium. The argument is that bone is costly to produce and maintain, as well as being heavy, and it can be advantageous to dispense with it where it is not required.Much of a skull is under stress from the movements of the jaws and neck muscles, but some spots, in the cheek region and palate, are under very little stress, and openings may appear, and the skull becomes an engineering marvel of struts and braces without reducing the effectiveness of the skull. Fenestrae also provide additional attachment edges for specific jaw muscles, and they allow jaw muscles inside the skull to be out.With the curiosity of dinosaur skull, there are many dinosaur skull replicas appeared.

dinosaur skeleton

Many dinosaur skull replicas are used for decoration, not only fossil museum but also some theme restaurants, malls even personal home. For dinosaur lovers, this is an incredible thing for them! And so do I.