Customized simulation insect model in kanosaur

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Customized simulation inspect model in kanosaur! The factory provides a variety of materials, processes, varieties, sizes of simulation insect models, with rich experience and professional team, to provide you with the most comprehensive service. The simulation insect model is a kind of high-quality handicraft which takes the insect as the prototype and uses the modern simulation technology to enlarge and make. It can be used for decoration, exhibition and viewing.
animatronic Mantodea

There are many materials to simulate insect models, such as simulation silica gel, simulation fiberglass, simulation clay and so on. Different materials have different effects. FRP simulation insect model is the most popular. It is characterized by exquisite production, wide range of use, long use time, not easy to damage, deeply loved by customers. The simulated FRP material is mainly made of steel, talcum powder, resin, fiberglass cloth and pigment. It takes about 35 days to complete the process of base frame making, molding, texture making, drying and coloring.

animatronic  locust
The simulation insect model is popular in shopping malls, squares, theme parks and amusement parks. Custom simulation insect model - looking for KANOSAUR! We are looking forward to cooperating with you!
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