Customized Realistic Animatronic Dinosaur For Your Park

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-03-06 | Views | Share:
Can you imagine how it will be to have a 10 meters long dinosaur in your park or business site? Not only this, we also can customize movements for any dinosaur you want just like our Amargasaurus dinosaur. Mouth open and close with synthesized sound, eyes blinking, head up and down, tail swaying, and stomach breathing and so on, vivid dinosaur will bring to you!
Different sizes, outlooks and colors and movements all of these we are willing to design as per your requirement. High quality with full service is always what we are proving to clients. As December is our fighting month for more cooperation, do you want to get the most competitive quote now?

realistic life-size animatronic dinosaur

lifelike simulation dinosaur