Come to kanosaur in 2019 to buy Dinosaurs

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How to attract people to your scenic spots and parks? With a variety of vivid simulation of dinosaur models to dress up the environment, to create a movie in the Jurassic world, so that the arrival of people linger. Where to make a simulation dinosaur model? Which product is better? Kanosaur!

Come to kanosaur in 2019 to buy Dinosaurs. we have a wide range of dinosaurs, ranging from carnivorous to herbivorous. Among the simulation dinosaur products, the most popular ones are Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, etc. these dinosaurs are the most familiar dinosaurs, and also the most common dinosaurs in movies.
animatronic  Spinosaurus

Come to kanosaur in 2019 to buy Dinosaurs. our dinosaurs are made of various materials, including silica gel, fiberglass, and cement. There are many choices. The silicone material can be installed with machinery to make dinosaurs more vivid; the fiberglass material is more solid and has a long service life; the cement material is economical and affordable, which is more common in large dinosaur theme parks.
animatronic  Tyrannosaurus Rex

Come to kanosaur in 2019 to buy Dinosaurs. Our dinosaur style is diversified, with simulation, cartoon and exaggeration. All kinds of styles open your eyes. Different styles of dinosaurs can be used in different activities. Sometimes the more bizarre the dinosaurs are, the more popular they are.
animatronic Carnotaurus

What are you waiting for? Come to kanosaur in 2019 to buy Dinosaurs. We provide you with the most comprehensive and professional services to create the most perfect products. Welcome to consult and visit our factory!