Catch People’s Eyes -- A Story of Dinosaur Ride

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Nowadays, many owners of the park, mall, and restaurant are a headache about catching people’s eyes. They will plan many activities to make their customer excited, but is that the most beneficial way? The cost for planning an activity is not cheap, and almost ideas of sale are similar, you and I all are tired of the same way, although customers will be excited about a few whiles, they will forget soon. We need something new and interesting. What we need is get a memory although many years passed.”.

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My client, Mały Kopernik, in Poland, was a new park for children. We were considering how to attract children and making a beautiful memory during their childhood. My friend Assef think that maybe we need something like a toy but more interesting than the normal toys. At last, we found maybe a dinosaur ride is suitable.

When I suggest to make a cartoon design, my friend said it should be more educational for kids. From the design and the production, we make customized things and we should consider more things to closer to our purpose.

What can be impressive easier is something special and different than others. A dinosaur ride is not so expensive as holding a sales activity, and the most advantage is that you can be remembered not for a while but for a long time if you have something special and this is very popular for your customers.

kids ride on dinosaur

Look at the pictures, the smile and the cute pink atmosphere in the air prove that we did the right thing. It’s a good place to get a nice time with your family and your kids, the ride can bring more happiness, this is a power what a product should have, only in this way, we can create a chance to leave a nice memory to our customers. Clap for my friend Assef, he is not a good owner of the park, in my eyes, he’s a good father of these kids.

rideable dinosaur

We feel very happy and appreciative of the sharing smile face from our client, this is worth for cheering! When I was a young, I dreamed to have a handsome superhero toy, I know this how important for kids, and will be proud of for many times.

Now, the story does not end, just start a beginning.

We can recommend the suitable products to meet your need, and we are confident in making the proposal for our clients.

Many stories are in the box, see you next time guys. Let’s create the story together!