Cartoon Dinosaur Costume

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realistic animatronic dinosaur costume

Despite the sharp teeth and lifelike face, Our cartoon dinosaur costume does great with children. The most popular baby puppets are T-Rex, Triceratops and Brachiosaurus. These beasts with customized sound, texture, color and massive teeth are superbly exciting to have at any event! They thrive at birthday parties, comic cons, corporate events, community events… 


If you have a little dinosaur fanatic in your family, they'll love stomping around in a viciously cute T-Rex costume. He'll look totally epic as he stomps his way from house to house on your trick-or-treating route, or roaring with mighty strength at a playdate or Halloween party. Did you know that a real T-Rex would have 50 giant teeth? Your little one's colossal smile will match this T-Rex costume's toothy grin! Your family can even go dressed up as a T-Rex pack by picking up some additional adult dinosaur costumes!