Can Dinosaurs Swim?

Author: Lemon | Publish time: 2019-05-31 | Views | Share:
Dinosaurs used to live on dry land, but it is not to say that they are "dry ducks" and can not enter the water. They like many modern land animals, were able to enter the water when in migration, in escape from the enemy, or in their leisure time.

Sauropods dinosaurs were able to get into rivers and lakes to avoid being hunted by Carnosaurus. They had long necks and couldn’t be covered by more than meters of water. When they swim, their front feet move forward and their back feet kick the water.When changing the direction, all four feet touch the ground at the same time.

The fossilized footprints of brontosaurus swimming tell us this. Hadrosaur was undoubtedly a born swimmer with webbed feet and flat tail. They can swim very fast in the water by shaking their tails from side to side,which is an effective way for them to escape the predation of T-Rex. The predatory carnivorous dinosaurs were not completely unable to enter the water, the fossilized footprints suggest that some of Carnosaurus dinosaur were able to reach water while chasing prey, but they were much more clumsy than on land.