Bring Real Dinosaur Back to Life

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2019-01-25 | Views | Share:

Dinosaurs are the most mysterious biological in the world, many scientists are still researching more pieces of information about them.

We can’t back to Jurassic like the movie, but we still have a chance to bring dinosaurs back to our life. This is why there are so many dinosaur parks in the world. From the park, we always see life-size dinosaurs with movements, The artificial dinosaurs are realistic. We can see many dinosaurs in real life-size, even fifty meters T-rex or Brachiosaurus, we have fun and enjoy the scene because our dream to see dinosaurs realized in this way.For these kinds of dinosaurs, may many motors inside to control their movements, such us eyes blinding, shouting, swing tail and so on.

Do you remember except the artificial dinosaurs, you also can see some dinosaurs that they are no any movements, yes, they are dinosaur statues, many people think for dinosaur statue, it won’t be possible to make so big, but this is wrong, due to the technology we have now, it is not so hard to make a large giant dinosaur statue. Let me share some outdoor dinosaur statues for you, and you’ll see I'm not cheating you.

outdoor dinosaur statues

giant dinosaur statue

Different people have different opinions, some like artificial dinosaurs, some like giant dinosaur statues meanwhile, for me, I love both, they are both a chance for us closer to touch the mystery.

How about you?