Artificial Lifelike Animatronic Dinosaur Predators

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Famous Dinosaur Predators

What’s the most impressive dinosaur in movies? It must be some dinosaur predator , I think. In this article I’d like to share some knowledge of those famous predators.

animatronic tyrannosaurus

Tyrannosaurus Rex

A adult t-rex is about 11.5-14.7m, it is known as the pest carnivorous dinosaur( not the biggest). According research, it’s forelimbs are degenerated, as small as hands of adult human. But the mouth and hind legs is p enough so it can prey large scale herbivorous dinosaurs . T-rex lived in Cretaceous , but why did the movie called Jurassic Park not Cretaceous Park?! We need ask Spielberg.


Jurassic Park and Jurassic World tried to make Raptors the most smart dinosaur, they can even use language in Jurassic Park 3. But according the research , raptor only smarter than some dinosaur, their intelligence can not compare to cats. Another mistake the film made is that they have much smaller body size and claw . The raptor in movie more like Deinonychus.


I did made a “wow” while it killed a T-rex in Jurassic Parks 3. Some researchers thought they are the biggest carnivorous dinosaur. Spinosaurus got the name by the unique sail-like neural spine. Did they really fighted with T-rex ? The answer is “nope”. They lived in middle cretaceous while the T-rex lived in late cretaceous and their habitat is different –Spinosaurus mainly lived in North Africa while t-rex lived in north America. But I still have a doubt about the fight between Spinosaurus and T-rex. T-rex prey large dinosaur while Spinosaurus eat fish, the combat skill t-rex master might be more powerful , besides ,the bite of t-rex looks per .


Well, strictly they are not dinosaurs, but since they appeared in Jurassic World, I still list it here. It’s the biggest predator in ocean at Cretaceous. Some of the Mosasaurs can grow to over 20m , they even hunt Cretoxyrhina mantelli another top predator in ocean. Now , you might understand why it can kill the Indominus rex in Jurassic World.


It not a dinosaur too. Exactly , it is a flying reptile( also it is not a bird). They hunt fish and insects as food and lived nearby lake ,river and forest.  According researching, the biggest Pterosaur is Quetzalcoatlus , their wingspan is about 11-15m. Pterosaur dominated the sky, While dinosaur dominated the land . Although it is not dinosaur, it finally extincted with dinosaur in the mass extinction event.
T-rex, raptor, Spinosaurus, Mosasaurs and Pterosaur ,which one is the best predator in your mind?

At the end of this article , I’d like to share some of animatronic dinosaur predator we made: animatronic t-rex, animatronic raptor, animatronic Spinosaurus, animatronic Pterosaur.
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