Animatronic dog also is human’ friend

Author: Percy | Publish time: 2019-03-29 | Views | Share:

The dog is thought as human beings’ good friend all the time, and lots of people feed dogs as their pets.

Here we’d like to introduce another kind of existing form of the dog, that’s the animatronic dog which is one of the artificial dog models made of steel frame, motors, and silicone rubber. Also, it’s called robot dog and it’s life-like as a real dog to some extent. Besides, the animatronic dog can blink eyes, mouth open and close with sound, moves its head...

garden decoration animatronic dog

What’s more, many people made animatronic animals for decoration, performance, display, etc. The animal replicas can solve lots of issues that real animal bring. One of our friends from America ordered a dog mode recently, many special ideas from him were injected into the dog, and he gets much pleasure from it.

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