Animatronic dinosaur puppet for entertainment

Author: Percy | Publish time: 2019-04-30 | Views | Share:

Animatronic dinosaur puppet also names as "dinosaur hand puppet", which is a kind of dinosaur model can be easily controlled by hands to display some movements, such as mouth open and close with sound, blinking eyes, head moving. Besides, nearly all the dinosaur puppets are made as a baby dinosaur image, so the animatronic dinosaur puppet is also called baby dinosaur puppet.

dinosaur hand baby puppet

A realistic dinosaur puppet should have cute appearance without teeth, because of the physiological characteristic of the baby dinosaur. Their sizes are from 0.5 m to 1.2 m in length, both children and adults can operate it for entertainment and performance. And the baby dinosaur puppet can have inside steel frame or have no frame, it’s to the function request, if no movements of eyes and mouth, then it can be without frame inside, and it would be lighter.