Animatronic Spinosaurus in Animatronic Dinosaur Show

Author: Alvis | Publish time: 2019-04-19 | Views | Share:

What type of dinosaurs is the most powerful? Most of you may say “T-rex” for the first time, but I don’t think so. In my opinion, it should be Spinosaurus!

The height of Spinosaurus is about 8 meters, which is 2 meters taller than T-rex, and Spinosaurus has longer forecast than T-rex, it is very difficult for T-rex to bite the Spinosaurus. The forefoot of the Spinosaurus is 1.6 meters long and has strong penetrating power, but the forefoot of the tyrannosaurus is no more than 1 meter, this is a big advantage of Spinosaurus. Like the movie Jurassic 3 played, that Spinosaurus is a very dangerous creature, don’t annoy it.

giantdinosaur spinosaurus

Here are some photos of Spinosaurus that was in dinosaur exhibition, they are not static, but with movements eyes blinding, mouth opening and closing, body, and neck movements, forecast movements, what’s more, with cream voice! Which is very impressed by people.

life-size dinosaur animatronic spinosaurus

Look at this photo, the powerful muscle, and curve, which can prove that I’m not cheating you. I am afraid of Spinosaurus but also curious about it. How about you?