Animatronic Owl

Author: Lemon | Publish time: 2019-05-17 | Views | Share:
Owl is very common in the countryside, especially in the evening, because their sounds is very characteristic, farmers know them easily. In fact, the owl is a kind of beneficial birds, they catch a lot of mice and scare away the birds pecking every year. But farmers dislike the owls due to many reasons.

animatronic  animal

First of all, the owl sounds is very scary. They like to yell at night, the children are scared to cry frequently , so the farmers are not very friendly to this kind of bird.
Secondly, the owls like to go out at night. This kind of bird can sleep with one eye open and one eye close, what’s more, their eyes are bright at night, which looks very terrible.
So many people prefer to scare away birds and mice with fake owls now.
The fake owls have the following advantages:
1, The lifelike appearance is enough to pass for the real.

2, With simulated movements and sounds, the animatronic owls can be appreciated as a work of art, and can also replace the role of real owls to drive away mice and birds.

3, The sounds can be turned off at night without affecting the normal life of farmers.

4, Glowing eyes can be turned off at night so as not to frighten passing farmers.

Buying an animatronic owl can help protect crops from being pecked by mice and birds, as well as attract tourists as an artwork. What a useful product!