Adventure Animatronics

Author: KANOSAUR | Publish time: 2018-05-23 | Views | Share:

The Jurassic world 2 is about to be released in next month. Are you not satisfied with seeing the running Tyrannosaurus just in the movies? Are you not satisfied with seeing static dinosaur skeletons in a museum?

Come on! What we can do is to let your dreams come true! We will bring these dinosaurs to reality so that you can meet them, touch them, and even interact with them!! We can turn dinosaurs from being born, incubating, growing up, fighting, preying to dying, and so on into reality.

realistic animatronic velociraptor

Just imagine holding a baby dinosaur puppet in your arms and wearing a dinosaur costume to scare the pedestrians down the street, is it excited?

dinosaur hand puppetrealistic dinosaur costume

Come on! Let’s have an adventure animatronics with your friends in the real world!