A wearable dinosaur costume was shipped to USA

Author: Percy | Publish time: 2019-03-11 | Views | Share:

One of our clients from USA ordered a wearable dinosaur costume, actually a Velociraptor costume, for their school event in April this year. The Velociraptor suit prank will be used to coordinate with their bank performance, we believe it will leave strong impression to those students in the senior school.

life-size real dinosaur costume t-rex

The main reason they chose the Velociraptor costume is Velociraptor looks quite smart and agile, lots of people love it because of the Jurassic World. And they customized the skin, then we used new material to make it with lighter weight. Besides, the body data of operator is much important. We customized the costume according to the size of feet and height of operator. Another important factor is the charger, we adjusted the voltage to adapt the local voltage to guarantee the will work normally.

dinosaur prop lifelike t-rex costume

If you want to customize your wearable dinosaur costume, such as T-Rex dinosaur Halloween costume, Triceratops costume operated by two operators, other dragon costume, just ask us freely.