A control mode of electronic dinosaur model in the future

Author: Louisa | Publish time: 2020-01-07 | Views | Share:

As a professional who has been in the electronic dinosaur industry for nearly ten years, he has a keen sense of smell - "the control mode of the electronic dinosaur model in the future will be extremely simplified and mobile" - which will greatly reduce the man-made control time and improve the utilization rate of the dinosaur model.
dinosaur model
Extremely simplified mode: no matter how many dinosaur / animal models there are, they will be set on a "controller", which is fully intelligent. It will automatically analyze when to power on during the day, when to turn off at night, which dinosaur / animal is close to the visitors and "moves" automatically, etc.
animatronic props
Mobile mode: the above "master controller" can be operated through the user's "mobile phone". The user has the ability to turn on or off the main controller, and once the main controller finds that the dinosaur / animal has a problem, it will send a message to the "mobile phone".
We are willing to hire people with rich practical experience in "electronic control technology" to study the direction of "extremely simplified" and "mobile phone". If readers have any constructive opinions on the future control mode of electronic dinosaur industry, please share with us.