A Story About A Dog Statue in Russian

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Togliatti is an important industrial city in Russia, there is a dog statue - a bronze statue of a German shepherd dog. In the middle of a square, the statue, with its pedestal more than 2 meters high, was set up by local government to commemorate a loyal dog waiting for its owner till die.

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From the position and size of the statue, we can see the excellence of Demu, which is remembered as the hero of this city. Perhaps people often come to look at the statue. The dog's nose has been touched bright, showing a copper background.

dog statue in plaza

What’s more, the story behind this statue is even more touching. The dog was originally a stray dog. When he met a single truck driver, his fate changed. Since the day they met, the dog always waits for his master to come home every evening at this intersection. However, one day in the summer of 1995, there was a traffic accident at the intersection where two cars collided. The driver of the car was killed, but his dog survived. Since then, the dog went to the place where it was separated from its owner every day. No matter in the morning and evening, winter or summer, the dog didn’t go any other place, till his death in March 2002. People remember this German shepherd dog's loyalty to its owner, so they named it "loyal Constantine", buried it here, and erected a wooden tablet: “dedicated to the most loyal dog”, who teaches us of love and loyalty.

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