A Professor Will Donate 11 meters T-Rex Skeleton for Dinosaur Museum

Author: McCollum | Publish time: 2018-04-30 | Views | Share:
One of professors and experts from New York ordered a 11 meters T-Rex skeleton before the Chinese Spring Festival, and we just spent one week to finish it and confirm with the effect of work with the dinosaur museum in Columbia. Because the professor will donate the skeleton to the dinosaur museum to let his native people to appreciate the T-Rex fossil. (Although he normally lives and works in America, he always deeply loves his country and people)

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Besides, the professor wants to create a nerve system of dinosaur, which will help the local children to learn the nerve system better. Frankly speaking, the local children are so lucky.
The professor makes a contribution to human brain nerve for many years, also make some moved gifts to his hometown. Sincerely wish all fortune be with him all the time.