• Answer day- how to make a dinosaur costume


    Answer day- how to make a dinosaur costume

    Hello,everyone,this is KANOSAUR, at the request of the general audience, we use Wednesday as the knowledge answer day. Every Wednesday we will answer questions about dinosaur production and share dinosaur encyclopedia knowledge. If you have a topic or question you are interested in, please send emai...

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  • Boy statue in bronze color was shipped to New York


    Boy statue in bronze color was shipped to New York

    One of our fiberglass sculpture, a boy sculpture was shipped to New York last week. The boy statue was customized according to clients drawing, and the color was customized in bronze color as their requirement too. So we can create kinds of colors including the electroplating surface. The only diffe...

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  • The meaning of dinosaur reserach


    The meaning of dinosaur reserach

    Since the British village doctor Mantel discovered the tooth fossils of dinosaurs in 1822, people have been studying dinosaurs for about 200 years. In the meantime, the enthusiasm of scientists for dinosaur research has never been reduced. Especially in the past 30 years, dinosaurs have become the f...

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  • Looking for dinosaur to KANOSAUR


    Looking for dinosaur to KANOSAUR

    If you are looking for an animatronic dinosaur? If you are planting to open a dinosaur park? If you have a idea,but dont know who will can make it. If you are looking for Stock? Come to KANOSAUR,We can all achieve it for you. KANOSAUR ,a professional manufacture of animatronic dinosaur ,animal,festi...

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  • Gentleman Penguin


    Gentleman Penguin

    Penguin (Spheniscidae): Penguins, one kind of stuffed animals, known as the boat of the sea, are the oldest poultry. They are likely to settle in the Antarctic before the earth wears ice. There are 18 species of penguins in the world, most of which are distributed in the southern hemisphere. Althoug...

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  • Animatronic Owl


    Animatronic Owl

    Owl is very common in the countryside, especially in the evening, because their sounds is very characteristic, farmers know them easily. In fact, the owl is a kind of beneficial birds, they catch a lot of mice and scare away the birds pecking every year. But farmers dislike the owls due to many reas...

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  • Introduction of Spinosaurus costume


    Introduction of Spinosaurus costume

    More and more clients customize realistic Spinosaurus costume for events, performance, Halloween parties---scary Spinosaurus halloween costume... Here wed like to introduce the Spinosaurus costume. Firstly, the Spinosaurus costume can be divided into two kinds according to the appearance--- Legs-visi...

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  • The Biggest Crocodile in The History


    The Biggest Crocodile in The History

    The crocodile is one of the earliest and most primitive reptiles ever found alive. It appeared in the Mesozoic era of the Triassic to Cretaceous (about 200 million years ago). It is the ferocious vertebrate reptiles and the contemporary animals with dinosaurs. It belongs to the carnivorous animals, ...

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  • Dinosaur Fossil Replicas for Museum


    Dinosaur Fossil Replicas for Museum

    Dinosaur is an attractive thing for all of us. We can see and imagine their body from their fossil. One of the most fantastic parts of the dinosaur fossil is their skull. As we can see there are some holes of dinosaur skull , what are their functions? Look at this picture, fundamental early splits i...

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